A compendious of scientific findings for you to be witty and win competition

Masterclass course and world class article around critical thinking at edge to produce high probable winning decision.

Critical Thinking

Law of Large Numbers; Margin of Error; Hierarchy of Evidence; Predictive Power

Stock Market

Commodity-boom return; Focus vs Diversification; Probability Game

Great Career

Conscientiousness; Extraversion; Intelligence Quotient; Artificial Monopoly; Genes

Articles with robust scientific evidence

Leadership Quality: Four Keys to Influence People

That day was November 13, 1861. The night has fallen. The man and his secretary visited a general’s house—a general who commanded 120,000 men…

Warren Buffett: What He Got Right and Wrong about Investing

The Problem of the Self-Defeating Technique, The Problem of The Accuracy of the Company Report, The Problem of Survivorship Bias, The Problem of Replicability.

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