Lesson of “Gilgamesh” from California

Since Epic of Gilgamesh of ancient Mesopotamia, from two millennia ago, human has searched key to long life. But how can you achieve longevity? First, you achieve that with high quality knowledge. Science has brought to us evidences how to achieve long life from 70 years of study in California.

We offer you, Ultrastudies, a directory of hundred best scientific studies in area of longevity, happiness, sexual attraction and health. Not in boring-long pages full of jargon, but in one simple catchy page, like these:

Graphics above are extract from 3 academic papers: First paper is 5 pages, second paper is 15 pages and last paper is 9 pages. This is one of the papers:

What we actually do

To make it very clear, let us take another example. There is one paper written by world class psychologist Professor John Gottman, who specialized in divorce. The title is: The timing of divorce: Predicting when a couple will divorce over a 14-year period. Published in highly reputable Journal of Marriage and the Family. It is based on 14 years of research. He found method to know what signed disaster marriage and how to cure it. But, this paper is long, exhausted and very technical. How you get the main point, without consuming much of your time?

This is page one of 9 page in Gottman’s paper:

From an academic paper with 9 exhaustive pages, we transform it to one very simple info-graphic, like this:

Now you know how to avoid divorce scientifically from world class expert, just by reading our infographic. Simple and super easy right? You save much of your time and energy.

How do we summary research like that?

Most researches are written for professionals. Usually, researches published in an academic journal, a special magazine contains articles by a person or group of scientists in one particular branch of science. These articles usually announced a new finding in this area and also the method of how they can achieve that finding. The reader of this journal can use this new finding for their practice or doubt it. The articles of an academic journal may also be comments or reviews articles in the latest edition. They can confirm or reject the previous finding. So, the academic journal becomes a medium for an open debate to the scientists. This whole “conjecture and refutation” process is good for science itself.

The difficulties of reading the academic article because they often use jargon. A lot of jargon. Jargon is a technical or special vocabulary in one particular expertise. Why do they use jargon? Because jargon is a short and efficient way to communicate ideas, for those who understand.

The other difficulty of reading journals is density. Most of the articles are very dense. The articles usually consist of to-the-point content and also telling complex ideas in a very little explanation. So, what do we do to solve these difficulties?
For every scientific article, we provide you a simple summary: a consistent and easy to digest form of summary. This summary always contains four parts: (1) Story or Backgrounds and The Researchers, (2) Methods, (3) Findings and Reason, (4) Takeaways.

  1. Backgrounds
    This part contains the story behind the research. What questions is the scientist trying to answer? Is there any conclusive answer before, or is this a very new question? And most importantly, what this research can do for you?
  2. Methods
    The most exciting part of the research is how to prove the conclusion. The method of research show the researcher’s creativity and originality. Anybody can claim anything but showing the method that both consistent and coherent is difficult.
  3. Findings
    Findings is the key insight that you can get from research. Findings contain data and interpretation of data. Finding is the main content of research, the heart and soul of research.
  4. Takeaways
    In this part, you have concrete and actionable things to do. The research not only add knowledge to your minds, but it can change your way of thinking or even your daily habit.

What else you can find in our online magazine?

What we have in our collection. So far, we have 106 super-interesting articles for you to read and this number is expanding.

Our contents are as follow:

  1. What Makes You Live Longer and Healthier. You can find many studies about what personality guarantee long life, what great sex add to your age, what proven program for weight loss, what bad habits that will shorten your life, what prevent you from Diabetes, what will enhance your quality of life, etc.
  2. What Makes You Sexier. You will discover interesting studies about what woman want from man and what man want from woman, how to attract woman, what is key to sexual satisfaction, what breaks marriage and how to prevent that, what foods reduces angry between spouse etc.
  3. What Makes You Wealthier. You will get latest studies about what makes your products or ideas viral, what your children can learn about best paying degree for their future, what regular exercise affects your income, etc.
  4. What Makes You Smarter. You will know many rigorous studies that uncover where you are from and where to, how to distinguish between science and lie (pseudo-science), what are differences between history, science and philosophy, what are four stages of reading, how to mastery analytical reading, how to choose among competing theories. You will also know that science had degrees of evidence, not all evidence are equal. You will eligible how to address practical questions: what causes inflation, what central bank can and can not do, why cost of education and healthcare rise while computers and cell phones are getting cheaper, what makes America’s farmer richer, and why there are good, bad and ugly colonization.

Here are some articles that makes you will get something valuable:

These are some articles examples that you will you get:

  • What women model in Playboy magazine and contestants of Miss America have in common
  • Three secrets to attract woman attention and winning her heart
  • How to change personality? From you to “better you” in 5 weeks, based on 20,024 personal experiences
  • Time spent with your children can not help him or her to have better grades at school but have blessing in disguise
  • How to have long live, the secrets revealed from many studies including 70 years of ground-breaking research
  • Get unfair advantage to know 2 best paying university degree, revealed from 642,000 Britons tax files
  • Study shows five things makes you wealthier, the first one is the most unexpected
  • These are six things make your products or ideas viral, according to expert from the best business school in the world
  • The hard truth that makes woman orgasm more and it is nothing to do with foreplay
  • Curious about Viagra? Find out what science revealed behind best-selling drugs ever-created for man
  • Get the best diet according to scientific research after comparing 4 most popular diets

To recap, by subscription to Ultrastudies, these are your benefit:

  • You save your time and energy, because we have collected best of the best studies available. Remember 1.8 million studies published each year. We save your time by picking the most relevant to your life. We transform it into one-page catchy infographic.
  • You save your money. You don’t have to subscribe to dozens of academic journals (with cost US$ 100 to 2,000/year per journal). By subscribing to Ultrastudies, you will have creme de la creme of these journals. Here is the proof of annual subscription selected academic journals we use as reference:
  • You can read anytime you want. You can read now or 10 years later, because the infographic is always in our website. We are not newspaper. We are collection of articles. Never lost. It is always your collection, you can access every time and anywhere.
  • Every week, we add something new. So far, we have 106 articles in our directory. Every week, we will add new 2-3 articles. In the end 2021, we will have 216-262 articles. In the end 2022, between 326-372, so on and so forth. It might be tens of thousands of articles in several years ahead! So, you better act now and become an early adopter before we rise up pricing due to articles expanding. Ultrastudies keeps you Ultracompetitive.

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