A sentence for man who will marry, Socrates often quoted said, “By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you will be happy. If you get a bad one, you will be a philosopher.” Marry can be source of happiness or sorrow.

If you are not satisfy with your marriage, stay or divorce both are difficult choice. Divorce will affect your children badly. 

What makes theses researches great: Three researches above uses very large data (more than 4 thousands, 2 thousands and 81 thousands subjects).

These are 4 alarming signs that you are in fragile marriage and how to solve it.

What makes this research great: The researchers conducted new method and made bold prediction based on that method. They observed their methodaccuracy 14 years after the initial observation. This is very valuable and ground-breaking research.

However, beside those four factors, one factor could dissolve your marriage quickly. That is infidelity.

What makes this research great: It covers 186 societies around the world, so it can eliminate cultural biases.

One factor can help you preventing divorce: financial stability.

What makes this research great: (1) It uses more than 6 thousands data so it can eliminate individual bias. (2) It observed same subjects for 40 years.

You and your wife may sometimes be quarreling for any reason. How to handle that? Eating many sugary foods before you start angry. It will reduce you anger.

What makes this research great:  It is experimental research. Experimental researches in social science are rare. The result of experimental research in social science is almost as good as experimental laboratory research in natural science.