If you are wealthy, life is truly a gift likely. Not only will you have a better chance to live well, to access valuable information, to invest in a special investment opportunity, to go to a better school, to avoid divorce, to access better healthcare et cetera, but also give you better chance to give your woman better sexual experience.

“Wealthy man gives their woman more orgasm” seems like an un-equality issue again. But, truth is truth. Fact is a fact. Orgasm is cryptic. A mystery. Even for the scientist. What orgasm function is still a debate for decades to come. But, based on the newest research, it seems to function as a signal to man. Orgasm as pleasure is a signal to the man that she is satisfied with this man. So, very little chance she is an infidel. Because this woman is not possible to look for another man for sexual adventures, this man trusts her and keeps investing in her and her offspring. So, it is a mutual benefit anyway.

What makes this research great: The result of the research is counter-intuitive and surprising. But, it is a strong result because it is backed up by more than 1 thousands samples. This sample was carefully designed to represent all Chinese woman in the nation.