Many diets program or magic pills promise you to reduce your weight quickly. If this is true, only two possibilities appear: (1) The side effects are a danger or only last few days, (2) It is a lie, a big lie. Because the diet program that both quick and have a long effect must also have rewritten the law of physics or chemistry. The last time we check, the law of physics or chemistry was still taught at school nicely.

So, is there any diet program that effective and safe? Yes, there is. But, you can not have the third one: quick. It needs two years to maintain the sustainable weight loss you have gain. Or, you can pick another choice: high-grade exercise training. It will need your willpower. Huge willpower. The choice is yours.

What makes this research great: This is powerful research because it has two advantages: (1) The data are large, more than 2 thousands participants, (2) It compare four diet program face to face. Therefore, it is also experimental research.

What makes this research great: This is very valuable research because it uses Randomized Controlled Trial, the golden standard of research. It randomly choose participants and compare between intervention group and control group. Therefore, we can infer causal-effect conclusion from this research, not only correlation.