Women search for men with the ability to provide resources. Why resources? Because a woman invests more time and energy to be pregnant and bearing the child in the future. Because of this burden, women seek a man with (1) the ability to provide resources, and (2) his will to share his resources.

In contrary, most man does not seek woman for resources. Man seeks woman for channeling his gene to the future generation. First, he looks for fertile women. The cue for higher fertility is youth and body shape. Second, he seeks chastity because man does not want to invest in another’s man genes. This chastity makes sure that she is pregnant with his child, not other men’s child.

What makes this research great: The research uses very large number (more than 10 thousands subjects) so it can eliminate individual bias.

So, what are three secrets to attract a woman and winning her heart:

1. Drive a fancy car 

The car is very obvious. It is very observable. Everyone can see, including girls. Whether you get a fancy car from your parents or it is self-made, it attracts a woman because the fancy car is a signal for high resources available from you.

2. Ability to play music (or everything that shows intelligence)

Resources are getting from two sources: inheritance or self-made. Self-made wealth depends on intelligence. Musical ability is the signal that you have enough intelligence that you will use to gain resources in the future. So, a candidate for Medical Doctor may be a poor person right now. But, he still attracts women because of his prospect of resources in the future.

3. Positive humor (or everything that shows warmth)

A person with a good sense of humor is joyful. They also sign intelligence. Positive humor also spread warmth. This is an important quality for a long relationship. Anyway, who wants to be in a relationship with a man who always produce cold conversations?

What makes this research unique: The research answers many myths with convincing data and reasoning. The combination of these 3 researches can be used as strong evidences of several tricks to attract woman.