What Pope Francis and Barack Obama both wrong? Their opinion about inequality. Pope Francis remarked that “inequality is the root of social evil,” while President Obama called economic inequality “the defining challenge of our time.” People tolerate inequality. It is a fancy word for rich people getting richer and the poor not getting richer. Because, as scholars like Hans Rosling, Johan Norberg, and Steven Pinker would show you: indeed, the rich getting richer but so does poor people. Poor people are better off rather than 100 years ago.

Why people tolerate inequality? Because they tolerate if rich people getting richer in a fairway. Through a market mechanism, people who provide enormous values and can commercialize its value getting rich. Bill Gates or Steve Jobs are classic examples.

What people do not tolerate is unfairness. Suppose people get richer by being political dictators, cronyism, power abuse, or rent-economics (have special access in government permit or special license to import-export business), this what people hate. This will bring up social unrest, public anger, and finally, the fall of the status quo.

What makes this research great: The result is counter-intuitive and surprising. But, it is a strong result because it is backed up by more than 5 thousands data.