Same people, same city, same culture but different in happiness. Why? Because one lives in freedom and another in a dictatorship regime. This happens in Berlin. They were researched by Martin Seligman, father of positive psychology.

Why such a disaster happen? The answer was provided by Mikhail Gorbachev himself. He noted noted “economic failures, comparatively lower quality goods, waste, and inefficiency, as well as difficulties in the supply of food, housing, and services.” These variables led to comparatively more pessimism and depression in East Berlin than in West Berlin; these variables might by now, be also a consequence of pessimism and depression.

What makes these research great? Because it used creative method to prove something quite abstract.

After Berlin wall and communism collapsed, are life getting better? The grand scale research answer YES. Life is better after fall of communism.

What makes these research great? Because it uses very larger data from 14 countries and repeated two times to precisely measure life satisfaction in the long run.