Who doesn’t like comeback story? Especially story about a cancer survivor who challenges all odds and becomes seven consecutive time champion of the world’s most prestigious and most difficult bicycle race, Tour de France? He is Lance Armstrong. He was caught using doping to win his titles because he failed a urine test. He has been stripped of all his achievements because of this scandal. How simple things like urine tests can change someone’s fate.

But, the most common use of urine tests is relatively far from the arena or stadium. Doctors largely use this test all over the world to check your diet. The most effective and efficient way to know how good your consumption of drinks and foods is a simple one: urine test. Why? Because, in your urine, potassium can be easily detected. Potassium is one of the main ingredients in much healthy food, vice versa. Below is a story about how several brilliant scientists discovered this simple and very low-cost test.

What makes this research great: This is unique research because it is useful, cheap and very simple. Because its simplicity, all clinics in the world now uses this method to gather initial data about patients.