Davendra Singh is one of the professors who have a very rare opportunity. His research “forced” him to do something unique. He has to look very carefully at all woman photos in Playboy magazine and Miss America beauty pageant contest for thirty years. Not only looking but also measure their waist and hip size. What a job!  

This “lucky” job has one main goal. To prove or disprove that woman’s attractiveness has a very simple explanation. They are attractive because it cues a good chance for reproductivity. Body shape like an hourglass is a cue for a better chance of having seamless baby delivery. 

The beauty is not some kind of result of bombardment from Westernized media. It is a universal cue for all men. Cue for a better chance to channeling genes to a future generation.

What makes this research great: It can represents universality of beauty because the data come from different countries and different cultures.

What makes this research unique: Most studies uses face view. This study is different because it uses side view.